Friday, June 24, 2011

The Next Few Weeks

It's looking like the next few weeks will be pretty busy for me when it comes to MMO's.  As usual, I am subscribed to 2 games: Warhammer Online and Star Trek Online.  Both of which have something going on very soon. Read on for what will be keeping me busy.

First up there is WAR:

June 28 - The 1.4.3 patch arrives!  This includes the Sigmartide event and a new scenario.  It will last 2 weeks.

July 6 - ?????  There is something going on with WAR on this date.  More on that next week :)

July 30 - Mythic will be at Gamesday Chicago.

And in Star Trek Online:

July 7 - Season 4 hits the live servers.  The big ticket item with this is the new ground combat system.  I have been holding off on doing content for this.