Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1.4.3 Arrives Today

In just a little while, the Warhammer Online servers will go down and be brought up with 1.4.3.  The big feature of this patch is the new Sigmartide Live Event, which includes a new scenario: the College of Corruption.  It is also introducing some career changes and 5 new accessory sets.  Read on for more details about the 1.4.3 patch.

Patch day gives me a good excuse to do the blog version of a clip show!  Looking for something to read during downtime?

Read the 1.4.3 Patch Notes.

Take a look at the new scenario lineup.

Watch a video of the College of Corruption scenario.

See what the new accessory sets have to offer.

Watch another video of the College of Corruption, with a focus on the Aspect of Fire.

Check out what's new with the Arsneal of WAR career builder.

Check back later today for the Sigmartide task list.