Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Aspect of Fire

In the upcoming Sigmartide scenario, the College of Corruption, you can take on the form of an Aspect of Fire.  When in this form, you gain access to several new skills to use against your enemy.  Are they worth losing your class skills?  It all depends on how you use them.  Continue on for a video and a closer look at this Play as Monster experience.

The following video shows a mostly complete scenario with a focus on the Aspect of Fire.  It was taken during the 7pm PTS Event last week.  It also shows a 6 vs 6 match, not the 12 vs 12 we will likely have when it goes live.

As you can see from the video, the Aspect of Fire is capable of putting out a lot of damage.  Lets take a look at their skills:

Blast of Aqshy - Hurl a scorching ball of fire at your target, dealing X damage.

Wrath of Aqshy - Summons four, allied but free-willed, Aqshy Sprites. These creatures deal moderate area damage, as well as life tapping a portion of damage back to nearby allies.

Grace of Aqshy -Offers resurrection to up to 6 allies within 35 feet of your location. Allies rise at the location of their corpse, and at full health.

Unquenchable Fires of Aqshy - Conjure a massive fireball, which drops at your target's location, creating an area of bubbling lava. Enemies in, or crossing, the affected area suffer periodic X damage.

The Unquenchable Fires of Aqshy is a very nasty aoe spell places at the feet of a target, it will regularly tick upwards of 1.5k of damage.  The lifetap sprites are also an effective spell, as you can see from the video.  It did more healing than the final results showed though.  The Aspects primary attack is the Blast of Aqshy, a spammable Fireball.  It's not very powerful, but only costs 10 AP.