Thursday, June 2, 2011

Play as Monster

When Warhammer Online's 1.4 patch launched, one of its new features was being able to play as a Skaven class.  These were not traditional classes, as they had no progression and only a limited set of skills.  Players assumed the role of a Skaven temporarily.  In WAR terms, this is known as 'Play as Monster', not to be confused with Lord of the Rings Online's 'Monster Play.'

In the upcoming Sigmar Tide live event, players will get a new 'Play as Monster' experience in the College of Corruption scenario.  They will be able to assume the role of an Aspect of Fire.

Last week, WAR Producer James Casey posted a new Developer Discussion thread asking for feedback about  'Play as Monster.'  You can find the thread here.

1: “What one thing do you like best about the technology and its current implementation?”

I enjoy the roll change while still earning renown and rewards for my character.  Being able to go stealth as a Gutter Runner can be fun from time to time.

2: “What one thing do you feel could be improved about the technology and its current implementation?”

I would like to see some form of customization or progression for these monster classes.  Unlocking/choosing new abilities over time would make them much more interesting.

3: “Do you feel the Skaven classes are a welcome alternative or a necessary tacital option? (ie. How do you use them.)”

They have limited use.  The Gutter Runner is great for roaming, but does not have much of a roll in a populated keep siege.  The Engineer can be very powerful when used properly.  Their Death Globes are very potent, especially in a lag/lots of graphical effects situation.  The other two classes are rarely used.

4:”How do you feel about the abilities for the current playable monsters? (number of them and specific abilities)”

The Gutter Runner's spy ability, stealth, net and leap are a lot of fun.  The Engineer seems to be much more useful as a damage class instead of utility.  The indefinite DoT is a real killer of you lack a healer and the Death Globe is probably a bit too powerful.

5:”What monsters would you like to see incorporated into this tech? Where do you think they would fit into the game best?

I'd rather see real classes or improvements to the RvR campaign.  As far as 'Play as Monster', I would want to see some form of progression or choices to make.