Thursday, June 16, 2011

PTS Events Today

The upcoming 1.4.3 patch will usher in the new live event, Sigmartide.  One of the primary features of the event is a new scenario called The College of Corruption (or the CoC).  Taking place in the Bright Wizard College, Order and Destruction will battle it out making use of Aspects of Fire.

Today Mythic will be enabling the scenario on the PTS for two testing events.  The first is at 2pm EDT and the second will follow at 7pm EDT.  If you can, hop on and check it out.  Your feedback will help them tune the scenario before it goes live.

Mythic also announced that 1.4.3 will be pushed back a week to June 29th.  A bit disappointing, but I'd rather they take some extra time to get it right.