Thursday, June 30, 2011

1.4.3 Miscellany

The 1.4.3 patch and Sigmartide have been live for a few days now.  I've had a bunch of posts on the subject, but I did miss a few things.  Aspects of Fire got a new skill, the EA Store got a new item are a couple of examples.  Continue on for the details.

Aqshy Conversion.  This new ability was added to the Aspects of Fire.  It's a very powerful group skill which protects your allies and damages the attackers.

Name Changes.  The Origin store, formerly known as the EA Store, has Name Change codes for sale.  They currently cost $14.99 and can be found here (US link).

Altars of Sigmar.  These objects can be found in the RvR Lakes.  In exchange for Skulls of the Fallen, you get a buff called Twin-Tailed Blessing.  They also have a nice indicator on the map.

Use the Portals, Luke.  In the College of Corruption, there are portals by the spawn.  They look like exits, but they are not.  They transport you to a different part of the map so you cannot easily be spawn camped.  For example, Destro can use them to get to the 2nd floor where all of Order's range may be sitting.