Monday, June 20, 2011

College of Corruption Feedback

During last weeks PTS testing, we got a chance to checkout the new scenario, the College of Corruption.  Personally, I enjoyed it quite a bit.  The setting was nice and the Aspects of Fire were fun. As is customary, Mythic opened up a feedback thread and asked some questions.  Continue on for my answers.

1)    Which population size felt better, 6v6 or 12v12?

12 vs 12 feels like the best fit.  6 vs 6 could work, but it will really limit the use of the Aspects of Fire.

2)    Melee: Was there enough room to maneuver?

Based on the damage they did to me, I think melee didn't have much of a problem maneuvering.

3)    Ranged: Were there enough places to stage attacks?

Yes.  There were stairs, platforms and openings in the upper levels which could all be used to launch attacks.

4)    Healers: Were you able to be effective?

Healers, especially those setup for AoE, seemed to do pretty well in this scenario.

5)    How did the Aspect of Fire’s buildups/cooldowns/damage feel? 

During the 2nd test, the Aspects felt pretty good.  The lava damage is high, but very visible and on a long cooldown.  The lifetap damage/healing is pretty good too, although it could be madness if 4 Aspects use the skill at once.

6)    Did you use the Aqshy Gates to leave your spawn, or were they too easily mistaken for Scenario Exit portals?

At first I thought it was the exit, then I saw it was clickable.  They are a valuable tool for getting around the scenario.

7)    Was it clear there was a single objective point?

As an Order player, I had to ask what the objective was. I probably would have figured it out once I made my way to the bottom floor.

8)    Do you feel the layout of the scenario lends itself to any specific style of group play?

I think this scenario is very good for AoE healing and melee in general.  Not as good as Eternal Citadel, but still there is an advantage.  I look forward to playing it on live though.