Thursday, June 23, 2011

Accessory Update

Last week we got our first look at the new accessory sets coming to Warhammer Online in 1.4.3.  These new items were introduced to provide players more options, instead of just replacing the Tomb of the Vulture Lord set.  This week, a small but important change was made to the new sets.

The accessory items have a 9 day decay timer.  When the 9 days are up, they disappear and the player has to repurchase them.  I'm not alone in my dislike of decaying items, especially when it is real-time days.  Thankfully, this has been changed to 9 in-game days instead.  That means only your time spent in-game counts against the timer.

Nine days in-game is practically permanent for casual players like myself.  Prior to this I was only planning on using one of the new items, now I may use a few more.