Monday, April 4, 2011

Changing the Rules

In the latest Developer Discussion, James Casey asked the community for ideas involving changing a scenarios ruleset.  Ever since Weekend Warfronts were introduced, the possibility of different rulesets was talked about.  So far, none have come to fruition.  It sounds like we may be seeing some progress though.

To be honest, I could not really come up with any ideas.  I really don't mind the current rulesets and a lot of my creative thinking power (think an old sickly hamster) has been directed at Stellar Fortune.  Instead, I'll pick some of the ideas I like from the thread.

Queues.  One idea which was mentioned a few times is to make some scenarios pre-made only or solo queue only. I think it is worth a try, as a good amount of players seem to want it.

Objectives.  Another common idea is to put more of a focus on objectives, instead of player kills.  A lot of times, a dominate team will end up just farming renown instead of doing the objectives.  Like queuing, I think they should experiment with this and see how it goes.

6 vs 6.  There were a few requests for more 6 vs 6 scenarios, like changing Mourkain's Temple to 6 vs 6 in Tier 4, or Maw of Madness.  This also goes along with the Queues suggestion, as some think they should be group queue only, or solo queue only.  Mourkain's would probably make a better 6 vs 6 scenario, as it can be brutal in Tier 4.

James did respond to the thread.