Monday, April 25, 2011

April Community Update

In a surprise move, Mythic released their monthly Community Update a week early.  Usually it arrives at the very end of the month, but this time it came out last Thursday.  Better yet, this months Update brings word of new stuff on the horizon for Warhammer Online.

You can find the full update here.

Sigmar Tide.  This is a brand new Live Event coming this summer!  We don't have many details on what the event entails, but it is something new none the less.  It involves purging Chaos, which sounds pretty good in my book.  Below is an image they released that has something to do with the event.  Looks like lava in a well to me...

Patch Schedule.  The Update mentions that 1.4.3 is due out at the end of June.  Two months in between patches sounds good to me, especially if it involves new content.

Crafting.  I think the last addition to crafting was the Hybrid (Blue) seeds way back when.  Mythic is looking to change that and hopefully expand the system.  Done right, the changes could add more depth to combat and the economy.

Trinkets.  I'm not really sure what Trinkets mean, but they do mention new accessories.  There are a handful of RR80+ ones available now, but it looks like they want to add some more.  I wouldn't be surprised if they were purchased with crests and decay, as the word temporary is used.

Overall, I am very pleased with this Community Update.  It mentions new stuff, which is what WAR sorely needs now.  We will have to wait and see what the scope of the new Live Event and crafting changes will be.