Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spare some change?

I'm a sucker.  Last week I said I was on the fence about purchasing the Scrounging Pet Pack which was added to Warhammer Online.  I had every intention of holding off, until they announced that the sale was ending.  I folded and bought the pets.  May as well post some screenshots of them....

First up is the Snotling Beggar.  This one is pretty neat, even for a vanity pet.

Here is the Cold One pet that Destruction gets.  Not as cool as the beggar, nor do I know how he gets me more gold.

I will not be showing the Dark Sprite pet which both sides get, as that isn't how my guys roll.  Is it a worthwhile pet?  I'm not sure.  The speed bonus is much more practical, but it was $5 (now $10) and every character gets one.