Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cross-Realming has arrived

During yesterday's update, Mythic enabled cross-realming for Badlands and Karak-Norn.  This means that players will now be able to create Order and Destruction characters on the same server.  To try and curb abuse, there is an 8 hour lockout timer.  Read on for my thoughts on this change.

Cross-realming is a rather controversial issue.  Some players detest it while others enjoy it.  I'm somewhere in the middle, as usual.

On one hand you have the issue of Realm Pride.  WAR is a competitive game since you spend most of your time fighting the same people on the other side.  I have my rivals, and fighting them is a big part of what makes the game fun.  Having the ability to play both sides dilutes that competitive nature.  It also opens the campaign up to more abuse.

On the other hand, it is fun to fight players you know.  Cross-realming happened prior to this change, you just needed two accounts.  I enjoyed fighting Order players who were on Destruction accounts.  So it can still be fun.  As for the campaign, I find myself caring less and less about it.  Why is a post for another time.

Mythic has also upped the amount of characters you can have on a server to 20.  There are 24 classes, so I'm not sure why they chose that number.  Perhaps we'll see a way to purchase the last four slots on the EA Store.

If you really don't like cross-realming, Karak-Azgal will be the only server where it is not allowed (for now).  I am curious to see what repercussions this will have on the game.  Nothing will really change for me, as I don't plan on creating a Destruction character on Badlands.