Tuesday, April 19, 2011

1.4.2 goes live today!

Less than 2 months after 1.4.1, Warhammer Online's latest patch will hit the live servers today.  This isn't really a feature heavy patch, instead it addresses a lot of players major complaint: the power gap.  Will is solve all of the issues? Probably not, but it is a big step.  Read on for details about what you can expect in 1.4.2.

Gear Changes.  All Renown Rank 80+ gear will see a significant reduction in stats.  This includes Armor Sets and Scenario weapons as well as random drops.  We are talking about a 54 item level drop in some cases.  This had to happen since the effective level formula was altered to bring better balance to combat.

See for yourself:  1.4.2 Armor Sets and Scenario Weapons

Set Bonus Changes.  In order to make some of the high level armor sets competitive with Sovereign, Mythic improved some proc bonuses.  Specifically, Boost (chance to raise crit % and crit damage %) was improved on Offsensive DPS Doomflayer and Warpforged.

Mythic also changed a proc found on Defensive Melee DPS sets called Siphon Vitality.  This proc healed the player and caused damage to their target.  It was considered by many as an overpowered bonus and Mythic agreed.  They replaced it with a Fortitude buff proc.

Read about the details here:  More 1.4.2 set changes

Arsenal of WAR.  I will be migrating the data from the PTS version to the main Arsenal of WAR site this morning.  By the time the game comes up, it should reflect 1.4.2.  There will be occurances of pre-1.4.2 weapons, but they will be marked obsolete until the new values are imported.

Scenarios.  A new scenario lineup will be introduced:

Tier 1:

* Nordenwatch
* Gates of Ekrund
* Highpass Cemetery

Tier 2:

* Nordenwatch
* Mourkain Temple
* Stonetroll Crossing

Tier 3:

* Nordenwatch
* Mourkain Temple
* Tor Arnoc
* Reikland Factory

Tier 4:

* Nordenwatch
* Mourkain Temple  (New layout!)
* Maws of Madness
* Serpent's Passage
* Gromril Crossing
* Thunder Valley