Friday, April 22, 2011

WAR Potpourri

It's been a busy couple of weeks for WAR around the Werit offices (ok, one office).  It's been nice to have some stuff to talk about and show off.  It looks like that trend will continue with the latest Community Update, but I want to save that for a post next week.  On to a smattering of news and dev posts!


Scrounging Pet Pack for $4.99.  Down from $9.99, these pets will allow you to collect 5% extra gold.  It comes with 2 pets, one the same for each side and one different.  I'm tempted to get this, but I'm not sure a 5% bonus is worthwhile, especially when it comes at the expense of the speed pet.

RvR Combo Pack for $9.99.  Down from $14.99, most of you already have this one.  If you don't and you are coming back to WAR, you may want to jump on this deal right now.

Starter Mount Pack for $6.74.  Down from $8.99, this one is really optional since the mount is slow and leveling is easy.  I bought it a while ago though, as I do play alts.

Snotling Pet for $7.49.  This pet will give you a 3% speed bonus (I think it is 3...).  Speed is always useful.

Front Page

You know how is woefully out of date?  Well, that might be changing soon:

We have a new starter today who will help us to setup a decent CMS for all websites - one that will actually allow me to change stuff on my own.

Weekend Scenario Experiment

As announced on Tuesday, this weekend we are going do some changes to two scenarios. From Friday afternoon through Monday morning, Gromril Crossing and Thunder Valley will allow up to 18 players - something you have proposed a few times. At the same time you will earn double scenario tokens in those two scenarios.

Sweet, I'll be sure to give those scenarios a try.

Bonus XP and Renown

Also from the Update...

As well we are enabling a weekend 50% RP and XP bonus!

Nice... maybe I'll get a few levels on my Slayer.