Friday, April 29, 2011

News from the Front: It's back, sorta

That's right, after a long hiatus the News from the Front is back.  It won't be weekly, but I figure it's a more appropriate name than WAR Potpourri.  It'll just cover some miscellaneous info that was not quite deserving of its own post or I just didn't have the time to make one.

Ironbreaker.  A new WAR blog has been started called Ironbreaker.  Stop by and say hi.

Trivial Blows.  Combat and Careers developer Steven Engle posted some interesting information about the Trivial Blows renown bonus.

It is working, when I test it. One cannot tell whether or not it is working from the screenshot above. This leads me to believe that there might be some confusion as to what the expected result should be.

  • Amount of damage reduced from Trivial Blows will not show up in the combat log
  • Trivial Blows reduces critical damage only, not total damage. If someone normally hits you for 700 (non-crit) and crits for 1050, then Trivial Blows will reduce the 350 damage gained from critically hitting.
  • Trivial Blows is multiplicative and will reduce the total by X%. The other bonuses listed are not multiplicative and will not add up to 75%. So the reduction would end up being more like 62.5% rather than 75%.
  • Base bonus damage from dealing a critical hit is a range from 40-60%, that averages out to 50%. Often times the range isn't accounted for in tests.

New Q & A.  Next week I'll be posting a Q & A with Warhammer Online Producer James Casey.  It covers a number of topics, so check back soon.

TOR's New Producer.  Jeff Hickman, who previously worked at Mythic with Warhammer Online, has moved over to BioWare to work on TOR.  I'm not really sure if Jeff was really involved with WAR anymore, but good luck with the new game.