Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stellar Fortune Alpha Release

For the past couple of months I have been working on developing a game as a side project.  It has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience.  Since my end goal is to actually complete a game, I set myself a deadline to get out something playable by the end of the month.  With a day to spare, Stellar Fortune Alpha version .1 is ready for release.

This is more of a tech test than it is an actual game.  From this test, I am looking to see if the game is at all functional.  Having this test also made me do some preliminary documentation and get a website going.  Alright, enough yapping, on to the good stuff.

First, please read the instructions.


Stellar Fortune Browser - You will have to download and install the Unity WebPlayer plugin.  This is only for Windows/Mac OS's.  Linux is support is still in development. 

Things you should know:

Resolution.  This version is set to 1600 x 1080.  If you use a lower resolution, the UI will be pretty big.  Future versions will scale properly. 

Art.  The artwork and UI are still just placeholders.   

Please leave any problems/feedback as a comment in this thread, thanks!