Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hypothetical hypothetical

In the latest hypothetical WAR Developer discussion, James would like to know what topics we'd like to see discussed in a hypothetical discussion.  Hmmm, that is a good question.  There are no shortage of replies in the thread, but I'll throw my two cents in too.

I'll throw out two topics, the first being the most important. 

New Stuff.  Most of the discussions have been centered around changes or fixes.  That's great, but what a lot of people need to hear is that 'new content' is in the works.  Whether that is new crafting, a new zone, a new 'Monster' class or something else.

Making use of unused content.  This is a popular topic.  How can we make use of all that PvE space that very few seem to care about?  If the resources are not there for new areas, then this would seem to be the only alternative. Let's choose a zone/area and discuss how to turn it into a RvR lake.

I'm happy to see these developer discussions, but so far not much has come out of them.  Are you guys going to pursue a Horde like scenario? What came about from the scenario lineup thread?  I appreciate taking all of the input, now we just need some output.