Monday, March 7, 2011

The Future of Scenarios

Warhammer Online Producer James Casey certainly wasn't kidding when he said he was going to try and communicate more.  Another developer thread was started up last week, this time it was about scenarios (Battlegrounds/Warfronts).

In WAR's latest patch, the scenario lineup was shaken up a bit.  Several questions were asked of players:

1) What scenario change (addition / move / removal) are you happiest about?
2) Which change would you change?
3) What do you want to see in the future as far as changes go?

The responses in the thread are pretty varied.  It just goes to show that players have diverse opinions, even if some posters think what they want is what everyone wants.  Some scenarios are better for melee, others are better for ranged.  There are players who enjoy 6 vs 6, and there are ones that do not. 

My feedback:

1)  I'm happy to see Tor Anroc and Maw of Madness return.
2)  I'm not a big fan of Gates of Ekrund and Mourkain's Temple in Tier 4.  They are just brutal as a ranged class.  I will miss Battle of Praag, which I found to be an enjoyable scenario.
3)  I would like to see the scenario lineup changed more frequently.  Perhaps every 2 months, that will keep the scenarios fresh.

Overall, I don't mind the inclusion of maps that favor one arch-type or another.  No one is forcing me to queue them.  As long as there are good alternatives and the rotation is changed more frequently than it has been in the past, I'll be happy.