Friday, March 4, 2011

MMO Update

It has been a slow week for me MMO wise.  I was sick at the start, which was bad enough to keep me off of the computer for most of the weekend.  Too sick to play... that's when you know it is bad.  Thankfully, that passed and I was able to play some this week.

Warhammer Online.  WAR still took up most of my game time.  1.4.1 brought new gear to mess with, so I have been putting it through its paces.  The new scenario lineup has also breathed some new life into the game. 

Star Trek Online.  I played the latest Feature Episode in the Cloaked Intentions series.  It was awesome as usual.  My character also reached Lieutenant Commander!  It only took over a year for me.  That means I get my first new ship, which will be next weeks task.

Rift.  I only played a small amount of Rift this week, and I'm really not sure next week will be much different.  It may be popular with many bloggers, but the game really isn't doing much for me.  More on this in a post next week.

Lord of the Rings Online.  No LoTRO time this week, but that's ok because it is free!  I do intend to play some soon, as I enjoy it more than Rift.  My Hobbit Burglar is almost 30, so I'd like to get over that hump.