Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Big WAR changes

After I posted yesterday, Steven went ahead and added some very interesting information to the thread concerning physical mitigation.  One of the major complaints about the 1.4 patch involves the power gap between RR100, 90 and everyone else.  Read on for details about how this will be addressed.

Let's get right to the info:

Yes, soft cap of stats are based off of your "effective rank". Currently, the plan is to reduce your effective rank gain from one every renown rank gained to one every four renown ranks gained.

Note: This means the stat soft cap goes from 1550 at RR100 to 1175 at RR100.

Doomflayer sets will have ~ 233 less stats total on them in comparison to the current LIVE Doomflayer sets.

Warpforged sets will have ~365 less stats total on them in comparison to the current LIVE Warpforged sets.

Both sets are adjusted based on the Effective Rank they are intended for, which is now ~42.5 and 45.

The goal is to give you an idea of what kind of reduction is happening in conjunction with other changes. It is not to derail the discussion of armor value formula changes.

The current Effective Level system at RR 100 has a max value of 60, Steven is proposing dialing it down to 45.  A RR80 has an effective level of 41 (if I remember correctly).  Besides me having to adjust the Arsenal of WAR, this brings players a lot closer when it comes to power from renown ranks.

Since the Effective Levels are being changed, the new gear has to be as well.  They are having a huge chuck of stats removed from them.  They'll still be better than Sovereign, but only by a little.  Steven also mentioned that these changes will apply to scenario weapons and other newly added equipment.

I think these changes will be very good for WAR.  With the recent renown rank changes to other set gear, it should bring a better sense of balance to the game.