Thursday, March 3, 2011

February Producer's Letter

February is a sneaky month.  With its 28 days, it is over before you know it.  The Producer's Letter for the month was a couple days late, or on-time if this were a normal month.  Anyway, it is out for everyone to read.  What does the future hold for WAR?

Below is the breakdown, I will omit recap type information.

  • Grovod Caverns.  Grovod Caverns (scenario) will be making a return as a Weekend Warfront soon, with some Skaven themed changes. 
  • Ironclad.  The 6 vs 6 scenario, Ironclad, will also be coming back.  They have made some changes to it though, hopefully to address things like healing from the spawn. 
  • New Live Event.  A new Live Event will be launched this summer called SigmarTide.  No real details given on it yet though.
  • New Crafting.  They are planning on expanding the crafting system, including introducing new mechanics.  Not really sure what that means, but I like to see the word 'new.' 
  • EAStore.  A special promotion will be coming up, along with what looks to be a new vanity pet for sale.  
I think this is one of the better letter's we have had.  It actually gives us some concrete information about what will be coming up.