Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TOR Disappointment

Star Wars: The Old Republic is top on many peoples most anticipated game list, including mine.  With its launch due this year, the excitement is starting to build.  BioWare even brought a playable version to Pax just last weekend.  I eagerly anticipated the videos, but found myself to be a little let down.

The video that got me down was of the Taral V Flashpoint, also known as a dungeon.  It looked like every other PvE dungeon I've seen, but with a Star Wars skin.  It was a very long 16 minutes.  I may be in the minority, as others enjoyed it

The much touted interactivity did not seem to be on show in this demo.  Players would choose a conversation option and the system would roll to determine which one is used.  The NPC didn't seem to react to what the player said though.  I'm not sure if that is just due to the alpha/beta nature of the demo.

Flashpoints are not a deal breaker for me, since I am likely to skip them anyway.  Still, I was hoping to see something that would get me interested in doing them again.

The other big demo seen was of space combat.  As you can see, it is not a flight sim, instead it is a tunnel shooter.  Way back when, I used to play X-Wing quite a bit.  So I do enjoy a good flight sim.  I'm actually ok with the tunnel version coming with TOR.  The visuals are excellent and it looks fun.