Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Werit goes Retro

Last week, Cryptic add the TOS Value Bundle to their online store.  To be honest, the original Star Trek probably ranks 3rd on my favorites list, behind TNG and DS9.  So I was not too interested until I started to hear how well done the new ship interiors were.  Read on for a video.

As a part of the bundle, you receive an TOS Enterprise themed bridge, engine room and crew quarters.  I do love the idea of ship interiors, so I gave in and bought the bundle. I know, I'm a sucker.  I must say, I was impressed with Cryptic's work.  It really feels like the ship from TOS, sounds and all.

Making the video also gave me an excuse to use that intro which I made quite a while ago.  The interiors are not especially useful at the moment, but I am confident they will be in the future.  I will be looking forward to getting the TNG Enterprise version too.

In other STO news, the Foundry went live yesterday.  It is STO's user generated content system.  Since they were not able to import missions from the test server, there will probably be some lag before the top notch episodes are re-created.  This should provide some nice filler before the next featured Episode.  I'm hoping they add in a daily quest to do a Foundry missions so I can progress at the same time.