Monday, March 28, 2011

Arsenal Updates

Over the weekend, I found myself with some free time so I updated the Arsenal of WAR.  During the last update, I added all of the Worn Sovereign gear (which I am now wearing and enjoy quite a bit).   I neglected to update another important change.

Doom and Warp sets also had some stat reductions in 1.4.1.  The Arsenal should now reflect those.  While I was doing the update, I did a quick sweep for Rare/Blue items which I had not been diligent about importing.  As a result, I added about 400 new items, including many 80+ blues like the Imposing type.

These items won't be up to date for long though.  In the upcoming 1.4.2 patch many of the items introduced in 1.4 will be reduced in power.  Such is life in a MMO.  Still no word on when we might see 1.4.2, but maybe this month's Producer's letter will give us a hint.