Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weekend Warfront Rewards

Weekend Warfront's are like other live events, you get a task list and three levels of rewards.  The elite level reward was nice, as it gave you extra scenario Emblems for winning.  The lower tiered rewards were not as desirable.  How can they be improved and what can we expect from future Weekend Warfronts?

As we saw in the last It Came from the Files, more than just the Vanquisher's Boon was added.  There were also the: Coinkeeper's Boon, Instructor's Boon and the Herald's Boon.  If I had to guess, I'd say these give more money, more XP and more renown.  They would put us at 4 boons, enough for a months rotation.

All of that is just a guess though and those new boons may have nothing to do with future Warfront rewards.  It is also a bit strange to offer rank 40 players an experience buff.  We should see Friday if I am on to something or not.

The lower tiered rewards for Scurvy Dogs were single low level potions.  I'm not even sure why they bothered if those were going to be the rewards.   Here are some of my ideas for future rewards:

Gold.  You can't go wrong with an item that you can sell for a few gold pieces. 

Renown.  I believe it was the first Night of Murder which offered consumable items that gave the player renown.

Influence.  Just like the one above, an item that grants the player influence when used.

Ordinance.  How about 25 or 50 pieces of ordinance?  I'd be more likely to spend what I have if there was another source of these.

Axe Hewer's and Trolls.  Remember those neat siege engines from Bitter Rivals?  Bring those back as a reward.

Potions.  5 or 10 potions would be a more worthwhile reward. 

Currency.  I wouldn't mind getting medallions, crests or even Land of the Dead currency as a reward.

Crafting.  How about a bag which has a choice of crafting materials?

I think there is a lot of options for those lower tiered rewards.  As we have a new Warfront every week, they don't need to be very large rewards, but they should be a bit more interesting.