Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A whole lot of WAR news

I actually had another post planned for today but those troublemakers at Mythic had to go and be all communicative.  There was just too much going on yesterday for me to push it off until my News from the Front post.  I also managed to take a peek at Order's newest weapon.

First up we have a new hotfix.  These are generally small bug fixes, but Wednesday's was a bit more interesting.

Heal Debuff's. These will now be multiplicative rather than additive.  What this means is if a healer has been hit with an incoming heal debuff and an outgoing, the effects will not add anymore.  This issue was significantly reducing their ability to heal themselves.

Keep Doors. The doors will no longer respawn and must be repaired with wood.  Previously, the doors would respawn in 15 minutes or so.  Now players must use wood which is obtained from a keep vendor or from a warcamp quartermaster.  At the moment they cost 30s (Tier 4) and do not stack in you inventory.

Nate Levy stopped by the Tank forums to mention an upcoming Ironbreaker change.

Gromril Plating.  This is a rank 3 moral which absorbs 7200 damage from all group-mates within 100 feet for 20 seconds.  It is currently the most powerful absorb in the game and often a target of Destruction complaints.  In 1.3.5 it will now only affect the Ironbreaker.  I was surprised they didn't just bring the absorption amount in line instead of making it a solo ability.

Not too long ago, Mythic announced that they were taking applications from guilds to test the upcoming changes to the city siege in 1.3.5.  Yesterday they announced the lucky guilds who were selected.  It sounds as if the respective guild leaders will have a number of spots which they can use to bring in people from their alliance.  It sounds like the testing might be just around the corner.

As if all that wasn't enough, the March newsletter arrived in my inbox last night. It is a bit different than previous newsletters but contains the eagerly awaited Producer's letter. Carrie gave us some more info on what we can expect in the near future.

Bug Fixes.  Looks like we will see the buff's being dropped when zoning issue fixed as well as Tomb of the Vulture Lord boss bugs. 

AFK.  AFK'ing in scenarios has been one of the downsides with the new scenario reward system.  Mythic has been listening and hope to do something about it. 

Dye.  The art team had made improvements to how armor is dyed.  The in-game pictures provided in the letter do show a noticeable improvement. I am looking forward to see how my characters look with these changes.

Marauders.  As previously reported, Marauders getting to wield a 2nd weapon is now confirmed.  This will allow them to benefit from the stats of a 2nd weapon, but also be disarmed fully.

Behold, Order's secret weapon, the XXXXL Knight of the Blazing Sun.