Thursday, March 18, 2010

Distant Worlds

Civilization and Master of Orion are probably my favorite game series of all time.  Civ lives on, but the Master of Orion type games (4x) are not as common anymore.  That's why I am very excited for a new game called Distant Worlds.  It comes out Tuesday, I can't wait!

The key features, for me, are:

  • 1,400 solar systems with 50,000 planets, moons etc.  That is epic, not in the MMO way.
  • Micro-manage or automate as much as you want
  • It is real-time, but you can pause it to give orders.
  • Detailed ship design
  • Mod friendly
Why read, when you can watch?

Distant Worlds will be released on March 23rd by Matrix Games.  I'll be sure to post about it :)