Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mounts of WAR: Greenskins

In this new series of articles I will be taking a look at the mounts in Warhammer Online.  I was inspirered by the guide-master himself, Gaarawarr.  There are actually quite a few mounts for each race.  First up is the Greenskins, who wouldn't want to ride a boar around?

To start, I made a video of the Greenskin mounts in action.

Now, on to some pictures!

Light Brown Ridin' Boar

Striped Mousse Ridin' Boar

Cream Ridin' Boar

Brindle Ridin' Boar (Guild Rank 25)

Straw Ridin' Boar (Guild Rank 25)

White Ridin' Boar (Guild Rank 25)

Brindle Huntin' Boar (Guild Rank 37)

White Huntin' Boar (Guild Rank 37)

Straw Huntin' Boar (Guild Rank 37)

The format is from Gaarawarr, so credit goes to him.  Next week we will take a look at the Empire mounts.