Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tools of WAR: Loyal Pet

In this video series, I plan to show some of the interesting add-ons which are available for WAR.  I'm not a big add-on user, but I think that a lot of them can be helpful and make the game even more enjoyable.  Continue on for the first Tools of WAR.

NOTE 8/15/2011:  LoyalPet can also be found here.
Last week I posted about getting more out of your pet (Turret, Lion, Squig and Demon).  To do that, I used the Loyal Pet add-on.  That seemed like a great one to use for the first video. 

You can find Loyal Pet at Curse.  To install, just download it and unpack it into your Interface/AddOns directory.  Once in game, you can access it using: /lpet gui

NOTE: Loyal Pet also needs LibSlash to run.