Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vanity Pets

Did you know Warhammer Online has some non-combat vanity pets?  Of course, these aren't your cutesy critters from that other game.  As WAR is all about the fighting, there isn't a huge selection.  There are also some mystery pets, continue on for the list.

Here are the WAR pets I know of:

Warlord's Fell Hound - PTS reward and Recruit-a-Friend (Destro)
Imperial Hunting Hound - PTS reward and Recruit-a-Friend (Order)
Dwarf Keg-Handler - Rare drop during Keg End (Order)
Goblin Broo-Lugga - Rare drop during Keg End (Destro)
Hallow-Wolf - PQ reward from the Wild Hunt event (Thanks Ayleen!)
Tomb King Carrion - ???
Tomb King Scorpion - ???
Tomb King Scarab - ???

The Tomb King (Land of the Dead) pets are a mystery.  I saw them mentioned in the files just like the PTS reward pets.  They may not even be in the game, as I have never seen or heard of them.  Then again, they could be at the end of some of the LotD Tome unlocks. 

I never was able to obtain a Dwarf Keg-Handler, which could be the coolest pet ever.  Hopefully they will make a return during the next Keg End event or in some other way.  I'm not usually a big non-combat pet fan, but the Warhammer world has so many possibilities.  I'd like to see more which are given out as trophies for accomplishments.