Friday, March 5, 2010

News from the Front 3/5

Is WAR's population on the rise?  It sure feels like it.  Over the past week I have seen an influx of new players and players returning to the game.  The same applies to the blog community, as three new blogs have joined the scene. For a complete rundown, read on.


  • Nate fills us in on the future of scenario weapon pricing. 
  • Two new videos about the 1.3.4 patch and the new scenario weapons.
  • High Pass Cemetery looks to be the feature of this weekends Warfront.
New Blogs
  • Tier 1 Shaman action from WAR Russia.
  • An Auction House video from Germany.  It's short, but how many AH videos have you seen?
  • Footage from a keep defense in Troll Country. 
  • A look at Gunbad's Pit Boss.  Don't think I have ever actually been in Gunbad, so it was new to me.
  • A Talisman making tutorial, in German.
  • Some Chosen PvP action.  Nice solo video mostly in Praag.  A 2h Chosen can put out some good damage. RAVAGE. 
  • Tier 2 RvR fights.  Music is Metallica, so that makes it awesome in any case. 
  • NOTE:  This is only a small sampling of the videos this week.  As with the articles, there were just too many :)