Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where's Werit?

It has been a little bit since I gave an update on Tirew the engineer. Currently I am Battle Rank 38 and Renown Rank 39. One nice surprise is that once you reach BR 36, your RR is not capped. It feels good not to be limited by my BR as I always fill up renown first.

I did get the Basic influence reward from the T4 Elf zone, a nice belt which was usable at rank 38. It will probably last until I go get the Sentinel belt. Need to try and get that 2 piece bonus at least. 344 Corporeal Resistance would be nice to have. I am at or close to all the Basic RvR Influence rewards, so I really have been spreading out my fighting.

One thing I have been meaning to start is my epic weapon quests (Faith is Madness for example). They give nice rewards and from what I hear, very nice XP. I still have my Librams of Insight, so it may be a good time to break it out too.

Reaching the ranks of 40 does have a couple of things I am looking forward to. One is Focused Fire, this should add some very helpful damage. I don't like standing still, but using this at the right time (i.e. with Unshakable Focus) could be pretty powerful.

I am also looking forward to a fourth tactic slot. I currently use: Throwing Arm, Extra Power and Steady Aim. If Concussive Mine is ever fixed, that will be going in my fourth slot. As I am always using Land Mines, I think those would be very effective. If it is not fixed, it may be a toss up between Well-Oiled Machine, Ancestral Heritage and Stopping Power.

All in all, I have been having a good time. It is well worth the money and the future is looking goo... err orange.


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