Saturday, January 3, 2009

Number 5 is alive

Well no, not really. WALL-E is though. I got WALL-E a few weeks ago on Blu-Ray and finally had a chance to write down something about the film. I am a sucker for animation movies these days, as they are usually pretty good. I would say WALL-E fell under the category of pretty good.

The story was not the best, in fact there was no talking at all for quite a bit. That did not really bother me though and didn't even occur to me at the time. You can tell a story without the spoken word. Overall the plot was pretty basic, but hey this is a kids movie after all. It isn't the happiest of the Disney movies but isn't their most depressing either.

It looked amazing in High Definition. The space scenes were great. I am continually impressed with how great they can make animated movies look. I really wish I had scene this in one of the 3D capable theaters. They need to hurry up and get a GOOD home 3d system out, that doesn't require two projectors. I will wear the funny glasses, I am not ashamed.


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