Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where in the World is Werit?

Warhammer has some amazing scenery. Most of the time it is ignored, as the only thing I am interested in is killing that Orc in front of me. I thought I'd start a little weekly contest...

Where in the world is Werit? Need a specific answer, not which zone.

Bonus Question: What does the title of this post pay homage to?

What do you get? Everyone's favorite prize, recognition!

Edit Results:

Esri got the bonus question, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.

As for the screenshot, Sara got it. It was taken on a wall at Drakebreaker's Scourge in Dragonwake.


I don't know where the screenshot was taken, but I assume you are alluding to "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?" My kids loved that game.

You're to the northwest of the bridge that crosses the center of dragonwake's RvR zone. If you were to pan the camera downwards you'd be able to see an objective point at the bottom of that waterfall.

I can't get more specific than that as I haven't played in so long, it's hard to remember all the specific nouns.

And where in the world is Carmen San Diego... we may never know.

Damn you both for beating me to the punch on the Carmen San Diego thing, but does he mean the Computer Game, the Cartoon, or the accapella-sporting Quiz Show?

As for location, I was going to guess the PQ that has a dragon spitting crap down at them, and there's a valley in a horseshoe ring ridge, with a moat-ringed small structure in it. The bridge crosses over and leads you into another PQ, and one of the plungers is just off the side of the ridge. But I think Sara got it right.

Bah, three people got in before me with Carmen Sandiego.
From the colour sceme it looks like your probably in the high elf zone. Probs T4 with that bridge in the background. It looks like your in an RvR zone and standing on a keep.
Soo....some keep in dragonwake?

The results and answers are in the post :)

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