Monday, January 5, 2009

Werit the Annihilator

My Engineer, Tirew, reached the Rank of 36 (RR 36) on Friday. This is an especially fun rank for two reasons. One, I can now wear the full Annihilator set. Two, I got a new T3 morale and a T4 morale from my mastery line.

The armor set is pretty nice. It is made up of: Annihilator Steeltoes, Annihilator Work Gloves, Annihilator Hardhat, Annihilator Bulwark and the Annihilator Sparkplate. The set gives some good bonuses, including +62 Ballistic skill, +320 Elemental Resists and +2 to grenade level. The last one is especially nice, as my grenades hit as if I am a Rank 38 right now. The set also grants lesser wards, used for PvE fights. These seem pretty useless to me, as I don't PvE much. I guess if I ever get into a city they can't hurt.

Cannon Smash is my new T3 morale. It deals 1800 damage and reduces a targets armor by 1200 for 30 seconds. So it is pretty much a tank weapon or a nice finishing move. I have not had a chance to use it too much. It seems like it is very situational, as I would rather use Unshakable Focus more often. However when a tank is carrying the flag in a scenario... this would be very nice.

Artillery Barrage is my new T4 morale. It is channeled over 4 seconds and deals 2400 damage to everyone within 30 feet of a spot you pick. Many Engineers do not find this useful due to the low amount of damage compared to loading up DoTs and using Unshakable Focus. What I like about this skill is that it has a range of 150 feet, well 180 feet if you consider the damage radius. During slow fights or keep sieges, you can hit the back line healers and casters. While 2400 damage may not kill them, they will have to spend time to heal themselves, rather than the front lines. If you pair up with another engineer... you can cause some serious havoc.


DIE ENGINEER SCUM!!! Er I mean..*cough*.. Congo Rats Werit.

Artillery Barrage is very useful in conjunction with Napalm Grenade. They are my primary tools in keep defense, since they are both ground-targeted attacks. Once you acquire your ground target, you can stay out of sight and continue to hit the same spot without the need to continuously expose yourself to enemy fire.

To really give Destruction healers nightmares, keep spamming your napalm grenade on the ram area, and try to time your artillery barrage with an oil drop.

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