Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Enter the Dragon(blight)

This WoW post has been in my backlog to do for a while, so it is not really up to date with my character. After I took care of business in the Nexus, I headed off to Dragonblight. In order to get there, I took a turtle boat from Unu'pe to to Moa'ki Harbor. The turtle boats are pretty nice. Ever notice how they run those things? There is a carrot on a stick in the front. Great stuff.

I took care of the quests in the harbor:

  • Apparently the Kalu'ak don't like to fight.
  • Had to take out Jaws once and for all!
  • Got sent to a haunted lake, no Jason sightings.
  • Met a sea goddess name Oacha'noa, who is huge. She made me do a cannonball into the water to solve the quest... Guess gods have to get their kicks somehow.
  • That was pretty much it. I thought this ended very abruptly as the story never really went anywhere.
After the Harbor, I was sent to Stars Rest which is West of the harbor.
  • Quests were mostly based off of what was happening in the Nexus. I like storylines, even if they are only somewhat related.
  • Most quests involved investigating what the Blue Dragons forces were doing in the surrounding area.
  • After much killing, the most effective kind of investigating it seems, we find that they are funneling magical energies to the East part of Dragonblight. Nice long 16 part quest line.
  • Learned of a traitor at Wintergarde in the West.
  • I also had to deal with some bug worshippers to the North. Those things just won;t go away.
Overall the quests were not too bad. Nothing very frustrating but the story was just so-so.

I did come across Azjol-Nerub and was asked to venture in to help out some rebel bugs. Before I head West, I must take care of them.


You apparently haven't found the one of the best quests in the game yet, which comes from Dragonblight:


I have heard about that one... and nope have not gotten there yet. I am guessing it takes place in the west/central part of the zone. Looking forward to it :)

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