Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Keep Improvement: Defensive Queuing

One of my favorite parts of WAR is defending a keep. I'm a Dwarf Engineer, it is what I was made to do. Although I enjoy it, it could be improved. One aspect in need of help is the problem of undefended keeps. These really just end up being gold bag vending machines. I am sure most players would like to have some resistance rather than playing PvE style.

One reason that defending is tough is that you have to either get to a keep early and wait for the enemy or try to get to the keep when they are already assaulting it. Let's face it, getting there and waiting is boring and a waste of game time. Arriving after the siege has begun usually has you end up dead by the postern door.

What if there was a way for defenders to arrive as the keep assault begins? I would like to see the scenario queue system (or something similar) applied to keeps. So when an attack begins, a LIMITED amount of players will be given the option to spawn at the keep. I would imagine 5 to 10 players max being allowed to get to the keep this way.

This sort of system should allow keeps to have some defenders almost all the time. To get in the queue, I would have players need to go to the keep they want to defend. This at least makes sure they have to go in the RvR lake at some point.

There are some likely problems with this idea. One, at what point are players summoned to the keep? It can't be on the initial attack, as it could easily be abused by the opposing force. Two, this may make it near impossible for small groups to attempt a keep siege. This actually may be a good thing depending on your point of view.

In summary, I think a system that makes it easier for a few players to get to a keep will make it more enjoyable for both sides.


I'm going to be honest, at times I just want a gold bag. Though my rolls are so bad I'll never get one.

Don't get me wrong I love a good battle, but once in a while an easy mode one is ok by me.

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