Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Werit the Forge Guard

A few days ago Tirew, my Engineer, reached Renown Rank 40. His Battle Rank sits at 39, inching ever closer to 40 as well. I was pretty happy about reaching RR 40, even if it is only half way to the cap (80). It is nice to get a new title, Forge Guard in this case. Other than a renown point, nothing else really happens at this milestone.

Let's take a look at Tirew:

I am wearing the full Annihilator set and have dyed it green (one of the CoW colors). On my right shoulder I am wearing the Herald's Signet which I got for my time in Heavy Metal (Basic reward). On my left shoulder is the Silver Heart Rank, which I got for dying 1,000 times in RvR. I have killed over 1,000 players too, but no trophy for that.

And for the ladies, the rear view:

I am wearing the Herald's Cloak, from Heavy Metal, but it is just not rendering correctly with our guild heraldry. The dancing cow doesn't look so hot. Also the rifle clips with the cloak, which is mildly annoying. I would just hide the cloak, but I must sport the cow! Hopefully these kinks will be worked out soon.

I have decided Tirew needs some more trophies. Soon he will venture out of the RvR lakes in search of Bestial tokens which can be exchanged for trophies. At the moment, I have one... which may be turned in for an Emergency Keg. That is more of a necessity than a trophy.

Battle Rank 40, here I come!


I believe you gain an extra mastery point at RR40 as well. You gain one extra starting at 40 every 10 levels I believe.

You are correct. I was wondering why I had an extra point.

Grats :) And yes, he does need more trophies, you can never have enough ;)

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