Monday, January 19, 2009

Paul Barnett interviewed for Age of Blogging

Reagn, over at Fires of WAR, was able to snag Paul Barnett for an interview as apart of the Age of Blogging campaign. This interview is not like most others you have seen. It is pretty much all about community. I highly suggest you take a read for insight into how Mythic view the community. Below is an excerpt..

"Raegn: What can an aspiring blogger do to get their blog noticed by Mythic?

Paul: Write regularly about things that matter to the community. Have a pro-active voice and aim for ways to make a contribution rather than ways to throw stones. Become a resource for us to use and rely upon. Be critical AND constructive. Most importantly, be about WAR. I won’t read a blog that requires me to wade through ten posts about games I’ve never heard of in order to read something about WAR. If I want general gaming news and blogs, I already have a full list that I consult. Don’t assume that if I post a reply its not me!

Raegn: How does Mythic envision the Warhammer community growing over the next year and what of interest have you seen arise from the community so far?

Paul: Hopefully, the community will continue to expand and new, interesting voices will appear. Diversity of opinion is important."



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