Monday, January 19, 2009

Where am I?

Ever feel a bit confused? A little slow? Just stopping what your doing and standing there? Lately, this has been happening to me in WAR. I thought it was the ale, but that checked out fine. It turns out Destruction has discovered the power of the AoE disorients.

In WAR, disorient adds to the time it takes to fire off a skill. So a skill with a 2 second cast now takes 3 seconds and an instant cast now takes 1 second. On the surface, this sounds like a nice skill, but in practice the AoE version seems to have gone very wrong.

One problem is it stacks. When you get a couple Chosen running around with Corrupting Horror, it can cause some serious problems. Also, I wonder if this is the cause of abilities not being cast. Often when I am disoriented, abilities will just freeze until I launch another skill.

The fact they gave the AoE disorient to a tank does not help matters either. Chosen can be a tad tough to kill, with they big cool looking armor and all that health. So all they have to do is run into our lines and they can wreak some havok. Focus firing on the tank doesn't help much, as then we are ignoring the healers. Focus firing on the healers is tough, due to the AoE disorient in effect from the tanks. There are also the melee dps folks running around to still worry about...

Marauders do have a cone AoE disorient that is enabled with a tactic, Insane Whispers. Black Orcs also have a smaller AoE disorient that needs a tactic, Big Brawlin'.

Order only has 1 working AoE disorient. They gave it to the Archmage, Blinding Light, as a T2 Morale. Engineers are supposed to be able to use a tactic to add an AoE disorient to their Land Mine (Concussive Mine), but this has never worked. It doesn't seem like they have any intention of fixing it any time soon.

I don't expect much understanding from Destruction, as this is war. However, I suspect if they ever even out the AoE disorients, they will then understand how painful the abilities are.

My preference would be for no one to have AoE versions, only single target. If that is not happening, please fix Concussive Mine and give one of our tanks a long-lasting 30ft AoE disorient.


I would also prefer this abilities not to be AoE, at least not for aura or abilities a player can do.

Landmine is static and doesn't move around, which would make it ok for a small radius AoE..

I didn't know that it stacks, because most of the time my Runepriest is affected by it it means that he will just die and can't do too much against it ;)
Disorient shouldn't stack.. Maybe it get fixed like snares, which used to stack and now don't do it anymore.

Is disorient the one where your taskbar goes all black? If it is, then it does seem to happen a lot.

@skar: It makes your abilities take longer to cast, and makes your instant abilities actually have a cast time. I think your describing spell pushback, happens when you are damaged trying to cast something I believe.

If the Archmage is the only career on Order with a working version of this ability, then all the Archmages I've fought against are using it like champs because I am constantly getting my instant attacks delayed with casting times.

I can see how being on the receiving end of all the disorients can get frustrating. It sort of reminds me of the 900 knockback/knockdown spells Order careers get at level 2 compared to the few Destruction seemed to have back in Nov. ;p

Mmm Corrupting Horror, goodness. Just saying it, gives me goosebumps of joy.

If the mirror ability for the Knight did at least counter Corruping Horror it would be fine, but it doesn't, it's useless.

Overall disorients are pretty sparse in Order and it seems Dest got the good stuff. Thankfully not many understand how annoying and effective they are.

really nice blog u got here god bless the age of blogging! so many new reads (you were a W its took me a while to get here):D

I think the problem mythic face with WaR is there is no upper limit on most RvR. SUre a ability may not be overpowerd when there are 2 people casting it a scenario but when dozens of people are all casting it on a similar area problems occur.

removing stacking on this sort of CC seems like a great idea to me, although i must admit i feel single target effects should stack.

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