Monday, January 26, 2009

Stairway to Hell

I logged into WAR Saturday night and found a group of CoW's heading into Bastion Stair. I had never been there before, so I joined up. We ventured into the Trial of Carnage, which was for ranks 33-34. I was Rank 38 but it didn't really matter. I am not usually a big fan of dungeon crawls, but I had fun.

The reason I do not like typical dungeons is that they tend to be very slow. The trash in dungeons and raids just ruins the experience for me. WAR has taken a different approach with their dungeons. They separate the trash and bosses by placing the former in an open area and the latter in an instance. So you can bring a large group and just run through the trash quickly. Once you get to the instance, you split into groups.

The trash, at least in this wing, are part of Public Quests. This at least makes them a little bit interesting. At the end of these PQ's are bosses and rewards. It worked out great I thought. We went in there with 8 and made quick work of the non-instanced areas. No stress at all, just fun.

We also cleared out the instanced boss, Thar'Ignan, beat up on the second PQ Lord boss, Azuk'Thul and did the first PQ a couple of times. All in all it took maybe 2 hours. That was longer than I planned on staying, but I could have easily left without causing the group to have to find a replacement or quit.

I am pretty impressed with the dungeon system so far. Sigmar's Crypt was not on my list of things to do, but now it is.


I'm very surprised that I am enjoying PvE in WAR, it's short, got some interesting fight, and your not wasting the whole day on trash

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