Friday, January 2, 2009

It's so easy...

an Orc could do it! Blogging that is.

Syp, our Dwarf Engineer sister from another mother... and father, has recently announced the beginning of the Age of Blogging! Dun Dun Duuuuuun. Yes, the call has went out for more WAR blogs. So why should you answer the call?

  • It is simple and free. Really, the hardest part about getting a blog up and running is picking a name. That is a crucial part though.
  • Be heard. Tired of the moderators keeping you down? Suppressing your opinion because you do not agree with the Man? Well this is your own forum and you can moderate as you wish.
  • Improve your writing. I am no Syp or Snafzg, but I think that writing this blog has improved my writing skills. Prior to the start of Werit, I don't think I ever really had to write much. See, writing a blag can be useful.
Some tips:
  • Get involved. When you start up a blog, it is important to get involved in the community that is already established (i.e. Google will only send so many readers your way, and they may only be interested in the information that they searched for. Post on other peoples blogs and better yet, do a joint post (an interview for example).
  • Be patient. It takes time to get readers, but they will eventually come if you are involved with the larger community. So be prepared to wait weeks/months before you get a good amount.
  • Be creative. Creative works, like videos or webcomics, can set you apart from the other blogs. I do not posses those skills, but you may, so use it.


"See, writing a blag can be useful."

Apparently, not useful enough! Haha, I keed! <3

Yea... I saw that. Then decided to leave it for irony ;)

You might add one thing to consider when picking the name: your topic(s) of interest might change in time. If the name is too closely associated with a particular topic you no longer want to discuss you might have to move your blog, which could be a pain.

Werit, for example, is generic, and can talk about anything and everything, and that's why we love it. My blog, MMOment of Zen, starts to seem odd when I start talking about Fallout 3. I do anyway, but I think if I had to start over, I probably would have used a slightly more generic name.

Lars, that is a great point. Always keep your options open :)

Love the caveman touch, Werit.

One of these days I'm going to rip off your blog-roll and dev-tracker column.

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