Friday, September 9, 2011

Tier 7 Armor Sets - Round 3

At some point in the future, Mythic will be introducing a new set of armor for each of the 24 careers.  These will most likely just be for appearance rather than stats.  Still no word on how they will make it into the game, but as rewards for the upcoming Fortress changes seem like a good bet.  Continue on for a look at them.


Not too shabby, one of the better Marauder sets in my opinion.  Times must be hard for them, can't even afford a second shoulder piece.

Squig Herder

Small characters, like Goblins and Dwarves are usually hit or miss.  There is only so much space to use.  I think this once turned out very well.  Someday, my SH will be 40.

Shadow Warrior

I actually like this set even though it is for an Elf.  The quiver thing on his back is pretty cool looking.  I'd probably dye it something less elfy though.

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