Friday, September 23, 2011

Career Builder Update

Warhammer Online's recent 1.4.4 patch brought with it a good number of career changes.  Over the weekend, I took some time and updated the career builder to reflect them.  The major changes involved the Engineer, Magus and Shadow Warrior.  The renown abilities also needed a good bit of updating.

Renown Abilities.  Pretty much every siege ability had its cooldown lowered and its effect improved.  Many of them also stack, so be sure to use these in your next keep siege!

Engineer.  Flak Jacket is now an instant, hooray!  Landmine is now instant, double hooray!  Shock Grenade replaced Field repair.  This new skill will un-stagger your allies, as long as you are not staggered.  Great ability, which I have used on a number of occasions.

Magus.  See Engineer (except for that silly disc).

Shadow Warrior.  I don't play one, they are Elves.  They did get some improvements, like a new escape tool in Whirling Pin which will knock them away from an enemy.  Sounds pretty cool I guess.  Engineer should have the same, but with a massive amount of explosives.

Squig Herder.  See the Shadow Warrior.  These buggers did get a new ability on Shrapnel Arrer, lowers the range of the targets abilities to 75%.  This is REALLY annoying as a ranged class.  Why can I suddenly not hit my target, oh, I'm out of range but no one moved.

The career builder is at: