Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nethys the Crimson

Nethys is one of the more interesting heroes in Wrath of Heroes.  She is the first major departure from WAR Live careers in that she is a vampire.  This isn't your Twilight kind of vampire either, she's all about melee and self healing.  Continue on for more details about this hero and a video.

Nethys Ahlbricht was one of several children born to a tradesman’s family in Talabecland. A comely child, she was picked out by the Lady Krueger to serve at her manor. There she was subjected whatever horrors could be devised by the lady’s three daughters. They had very active imaginations. There was no safety among the servants either, for no one was willing to call the wrath of their mistress down upon their head by intervening on her behalf. When assigned to the chambers of a foreign visitor, Nethys leapt at the chance of freedom.

The beautiful woman listened to her sordid story and offered her a choice: one kiss and Nethys would have the power to make them all pay. No man would ever hurt her again. She would never age, never know death. Her loyalty would belong solely to She Who Reigns atop the Silver Pinnacle; for the rest of her existence she would serve the Queen of Mysteries without hesitation or failure. Nethys agreed.

Nethys specializes in Seduction, recouping her health by drinking the blood of her enemies. Once she has her fangs in an opponent she will Dominate them and infect them with her Tainted Blood.


  • Constant healing from Siphoned Blood makes Nethys very survivable in one-on-one fights, as long as she can get close enough to cast it.
  • Always remember that Quickblood also gives a damage boost in addition to its speed boost.  Even when you're already in close combat, cast it for the damage increase!
  • Domination is best cast immediately before Tainted Blood, increasing the chance that your highest-damage spell will critically hit.
  • Seduction works best when you coordinate with your group.  Make sure that your allies aren't casting area damage, or else the Stagger will immediately break!

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