Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1.4.4 Goes Live

Today, the Warhammer Online servers will go down and be brought up with the 1.4.4 patch.  Downtime is expected to start at 8am EDT and last until 1:30pm EDT. So, what do you need to know about when the servers come back up?  Read on for the details.

Engineers, Magus, Shadow Warriors and Squig Herders will likely have their career mastery trees reset, so be sure to visit the trainer.  Engineers and Magus will probably have to purchase their new anti-stagger ability as well.

The new keep defense system will be active.  Be sure to protect or kill that ram, depending on your battlefield situation.  Will it slow down the campaign and bring out the defenders?  Only time will tell.

I will update the WARdrobe career builder once templates return to the PTS.  I'm hoping that will happen this week or next.

The scenario lineup has changed, here is what will be available in Tier 4.

  • Nordenwatch
  • Mourkain Temple
  • Tor Anroc
  • Temple of Isha
  • Khaine's Embrace
  • Howling Gorge

Gates of Ekrund is now 6 vs 6 in tiers 2 and 3. That should make scenarios pop more for these tiers.  Mythic also reduced the amount of XP rewarded so players can obtain more renown before out-leveling the tier.