Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Survival of the Fittest

This is a post I have been meaning to write ever since Wrath of Heroes was announced.  Other topics kept coming up to discuss, so I pushed it back.  I would not exactly say that the arrival of WoH met with a warm reception with the Warhammer Online community.

My initial reaction was not a very positive one, as I'm sure many of you can understand.  I wanted to hear about new and great things for WAR Live, not that all of that was going into a new game.  Of course, none of that should detract from Wrath of Heroes.  It's a great game in its own right, but it is not WAR.

One worry I had was that Wrath of Heroes is a big success, it could be detrimental to WAR.  It won't make sense to spend resources on the game if WoH is that much more profitable.  Sure, success will be great for BioWare Mythic and that's something I'd like to see.  But, I can't help but be a little selfish though and think about how it will effect the game I play the most.

The truth is, if Wrath of Heroes beats out WAR for resources because of its success, then it deserves to be the game that goes on.  Warhammer Online is over 3 years old now, so it has had ample time.  I won't argue over how much support it's received or decisions that have been made because it makes no difference at this point.

I really do hope that WAR can keep going on for a long time to come.  It was clear when we visited the HQ that the Mythic team feels the same.  Feelings are not business though.