Friday, September 30, 2011

News from the Front: TREEmendous

I've decided to use the News from the Front for Wrath of Heroes, as well as Warhammer Online.  There are only so many post title variations of Update, Beta and News that I could make.  Not too much going on with WAR at the moment, so this one is mostly about Wrath.

New Hero.  From the WoH Facebook page we have news of a new hero for this weekends test.

Kaelin the Dryad shifts between summer and winter forms which alter her powers. Which role is she going to play in the fight?
 It's a tree!  That explains the groan worthy title of this post...

Beta Times. We are still on a limited beta schedule, with this one being more limited than usual.  Wonder what happened to Sunday?  We do get an extra long 11 hour test today though.
  • Thursday, 09/29, 4pm – 6pm EDT (8pm – 10pm GMT)
  • Friday, 09/30, 10am – 9pm EDT (2pm – 1am GMT)
  • Saturday, 10/01, 1pm – 5pm EDT (5pm – 9pm GMT)

The Return of Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs ( former CEO of Mythic ) is back on the scene it seems.  He's started up a new company, City State Entertainment