Monday, October 3, 2011

The Jedi Gambit

Since the release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic has been announced, I can't help but start to get a little excited about the game.  We still have a long way to go until December 20th, but the end is now in sight.  One of the sites involving SWTOR which I especially enjoy is The Jedi Gambit.

The Jedi Gambit is run by Rackham.  If that name is familiar, you are correct.  He used to do some great comics for Warhammer Online.  Since then he has started to do the same for The Old Republic.  

The Jedi Gambit.  The title of the site is also the name of his full fledged comic strip.  This isn't just another web comic, it's pretty much a digital comic book.  He just completed the first issue, so now is a great time to check it out.  

I am very impressed and jealous at what Rackham has put together.  The art is top notch and the story is intriguing.  My version would be stick figures speaking in bullet points.  If you are hungry for Star Wars content, this site should be on your list to visit.  

Contest.  In a case of good timing, Rackham is also running a contest.  He will draw the winner a portrait of their SWTOR character.  All you have to do is tweet a special message.  His portraits are amazing, so I encourage you to enter.  I will be!