Friday, October 21, 2011

Stat Tracking and Wrath of Heroes

With the return of the Wrath of Heroes beta, I received permission to post about the game.  I've been pretty anxious to write about it since I do find it to be an enjoyable experience.  This post talks about a new feature introduced in this weeks build, record keeping 

Note:  This information is from the Wrath of Heroes beta version and is subject to change. 

This is a feature I've wanted since the first time I played WoH.  Keeping track of your best scores adds a nice personal meta game aspect.  The game records stats from your best performances in categories like damage, kills, healing, objective captures and more.

It is very similar to how Team Fortress 2 does their stat tracking.  I've always enjoyed that aspect of TF2, so I'm glad to see it here as well.  The stats above are for a single life, rather than a whole match.  As you can see, Durrig the Engineer managed the most damage and kills.  I played Felicia the Bright Wizard a bit last night as well, so she claimed the other records.

Note: Beta Gameplay Video

The support stat is especially interesting.  Tracking things like Kills, damage and healing tends to leave support oriented classes out in the cold.  With this new stat, it seems they want to try and quantify contributions such as buffs, debuffs and crowd control.  We'll see how it goes.

Reminder:  There is another beta session today (10/21) from 10am to 10pm EDT.